Git: autocomplete โ€“trailer and โ€“cc in zsh
· โ˜• 3 min read · โœ๏ธ  Firmin Martin
Introduction When working on a Git repository developped through email-based workflow (e.g. Git, Linux kernel, Emacs, notmuch etc.), it is often needed to git commit with the --trailer option to acknowledge people, and to git send-email with the --to & -cc options to indicate the recipients of the patch series to send. Newcomers of such workflow, as me, would copy one by one the email addresses from git-log or the project mailing list at the beginning.

Rating images painlessly with exiftool feat. ranger & sxiv
· โ˜• 9 min read · โœ๏ธ  Firmin Martin
Background I was looking for a way to classifying images by rating them on the fly. My first attempt was using darktable as suggested in a thread. Indeed, the auto-advance rating mechanism was quite handy. But it is still too heavy for this sole purpose. In darktable, user have to import images before editing metadata. When tens of thousands images are involved, the process of importing images can be quite time-consuming1 as it creates for each image an XMP file to store metadata.